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At the age of 14 years I discovered, while spending a three-weeks-holiday in England,  my passion for the island  on the other side  of  the  channel.    Not a single prejudice,  which is current circulated, could withstand: The weather wasn't already more bad, then in Germany; the people  we met, were  very kindly;  the English kitchen  is great  and the country  is very nice.   Of course  the metropolis London  doesn't reflect  the typical England.  When a foreigner stays the first time in Germany and he visit only Berlin,  he won't know the  typical Germany. Just  the experiences  in the interior will bring the right impressions  as well  about  the  local people and theire life,  and the atmosphere of the different places of the  frequented country as well.



It all started with an one-year-stay of my mother as an au-pair-girl,  when she was 21 years old. About 20 years later,  in the year 1978,  she contacted her hostfamily again.  the reaction of the advertisement,  that we wanted to visit them,  was  indescribable.   That was  the beginning of a tender friendship between two familys. So more holidays in England followed the first one. Each of them we stood in the lovley Southwest in Cornwall. As well our English friends visited us. Every single meeting with them was an unique occurrence.

The legend says, that the reason for the idea to travell to England was my bad English mark at school. So I'm greatful untill today to my English teacher, that I've didn't got a better mark.  Otherwise probably I never came to England. Thanks a lot! ;-)