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Friday, 14th of July

The day started with a last time going at work as every Friday. When I came back home

at 7.00pm, I had to pack my suitcase yet. Afterwards I put all the luggage into our car

and had a quick shower. We started our journey half an hour earlier, than we've had

planed. We diceded, that Heike should drive until Calais, that I could sleep and should

be fresh for drivin through England. At 9.30pm we left home. So we had a lot of time,

to get the ferry in Calais at 4.10am on Saturday.

Saturday, 15th of July

Short time after we passed Brugge in Belgium, we had to stop suddenly on the

motorway because of a very bad accident. It was at 1.00am. One and a half hour

later at 2.30am we were able to continue our trip. The plan, that I should sleep,

while Heike drove the car dropped. Just half an hour, when we took the motorway

through France, I closed my eyes. The port of Calais we arrived because of the

jam at about 3.45am. To late for get the bokked ferry, because you have to be

there 45 minutes, before the ferry starts. The next ferry went out at 6.30am.

Never mind: So it should be able for me, to sleep a little bit in a quite area.

Should be - but didn't work although I felt very tired. Of course at this time our

car stood as the first one in the lane, and so we got at first on the ferry at about

6.00 am.  The ferry's name was PRIDE OF CALAIS.


Immediatley I looked for a cosy place and felt into sleep before the ferry

left the harbour. Half an hour later I woke up. The reason for that were the

big waves and the noise of the ferry, which went up and down. Ok, I had to

live with one hour sleep this night and was "happy" while thinking about

afterwards to drive through England.

One of the greatest moments on every journey to UK is, when you can see the

cliffs ov Dover.


seems to be, that we are not the only one, who think this...


We arrived at Dover at about 7.45 am. Well, let's change the time of our

watches: in England it is now 6.45 am! We were quite excited while waiting

for leave the ferry and for using the left side of the roads for the next

two weeks. ;-)


Every time its a great event for me, to drive the first miles on English roads.

Now the holidays started really!

 In Maidstone, which is between Dover and  London, we had a first break for breakfast. It

 was quite good to drive on the  motorways. The traffic wasn't bad. Also arround London.

A next short break we made in Reading.

 The following two  pictures we took short time, after we passed Bristol.


The fourth break we had between Taunton and Exeter, before we had lunch

at a last break between Exeter and Launceston.

About the last 100 miles I felt quite tired (no wonder - 1 hour sleep since last

morning), but at 3.30 pm we arrived at the cottage near Boscastle safe.

I have to say, that at the last few miles the roads were more and more narrow,

so that both mirrors from the car scratched on hedges which are limit a lot of

roads in Cornwall. I like these roads!!!

I will not miss to say, that we had a very warm welcome by the owner of

the cottage, Mrs. Elson. When we went into the cottage, we recognized, that

its much more beautiful, than on the pictures in the internet!

After we put the luggage out of the car, we went into the village, to buy

some food for the following morning. The day ended quite early at 8.00 pm,

when we went to bed. So after that long journey we slept very well!

Sunday, 16th of July

We woke up early. The view out of the window was great and the sun

was shining (like every time, when we are on holidays in Cornwall)!


I went with Heike to Boscastle, to buy some rolls and newspapers.

After coming back we had a nice first breakfast and I used the opportunity,

to take some pictures of this nice cottage, which is in the middle of

the fields.


Little Gurras, the name of the cottage


breakfast is ready


"the stairs"


sleeping room and childrens room


bathroom and.....waiting for go out to visit the harbour of Boscastle ;-)

So we went out for a first visit of the harbour of Boscastle. It's an

unbelievable peaceful place. When you think about, that this nice place

were nearly destroyed by a flood in August of 2004, you can't believe it.

I feel with the residents, when I think about that disaster.

But now let's have a look at this beautiful place:












After visiting the harbour we had a walk through the village, where

I bought a book, which reports about the horrible day in 2004

Have a look at this nice village....











After this walk, we had lunch in one of these nice pubs outside in

the garden.

They don't look very happy.... To much walking?!?


Ahhh, that's better! ;-)

Another reason, why we went to Boscastle, was to look after a supermarket.

But there's no one in the village. No problem. So we went to the place next

door, Tintagel. Tintagel is well known to foreign visitors because of the

castle of King Arthur. We hoped, to find there a big market.







always in Cornwall you can see good old cars


nice nature...


...nice pubs

Although we didn't find a supermarket (except of a little "Spar"-market),

we enjoyed our walk through this nice village. There are plenty of small

shops - almost gift shops - , where we had a look into.

Nevertheless we decided to go to the next town, to buy stuffs. That town was

Camelford. There we discoverd a grocerie, which was a bit larger than

those one in Boscastle and Tintagel. Afterwards we went back to our cottage

(about 13 km) to fill the fridge. The day was not old yet, so we examined the

area arround the cottage by car. We got to some villages as Otterham,

Hallworthy and Marshgate. STOP! Something we forgot: Where is the

next beach??? Let's change the direction!!! It took not a long time, till we

discovered a beach, which is not to far away. It was the beach of the

lovely village Crackington Haven. So first of all we cooled our feet.....



After this little "walk in the water" (16) we had a real Cornish icecream in

the cafe next to the beach. Wonderful!

We finished this eventful day infront of the cottage on the cosy wooden bench.



After playing some games alltogether (like nearly every of the following

evenings) we went to bed and were glad, to be at this place.

Monday, 17th of July

How we expected, the day started sunny!


The best you can do on a sunny day at the coast is - of course - to go

to the beach. So we did. It was absolute fantastic! (air: 32C / water: 16C)

This beach in Crackington Haven is one of the best I've ever saw. Its very

familiar and there are no dogs (what is very important for me ;-)).

At low tide you have to lay on stones. At high tide you will see a large

sandy beach. The stones were the reason, why we bought "aqua shoes" in

the shop next door to the beach. They are very useful at this beach. ;-)

In the late afternoon we went to Boscastle, to buy some bread. There are two

shops, where you can buy bread, but non of them had any bread this afternoon,

because the hotels in Boscastle bought all of them this day. Well, so we went

to Tintagel to buy some bread. Its just 10 km from the cottage! We learned,

that a car is very usefull in this area. ;-)

When we arrived the cottage, we recognized, that our car has just a few drops

of petrol in its tank. That should be a great adventure, to find a petrol station

next day. ;-) Never mind. We enjoyed this beautiful evening....









Before we went to bed, we enjoyed the paeceful quiet of the night.

Tuesday, 18th of July

Today should be the day of the great adventure: Will we get our car with

the last drops of petrol to one of the "next" petrol stations?!? YES! On the

way to Bodmin (we were looking for a real supermarket yet) we saw a station.

Our car was very thankful about it after such a thursty night. ;-)

The things, which followed are just for insider. ;-)

We went shopping at Morrison, which is a real supermarket, and went back to the cottage.

Wednesday, 19th of July

While having our breakfast, we planed to go to the beach. When we were ready,

to go out, the sky wasn't cloudless. So we decided, to visit the "coast-guard" of

Boscastle. After 200 m we changed our minds and went to Crackington Haven,

to take a bath in the Atlantic Ocean. The problem was, that the only carpark

in Crackington was overflowed. So after a few turns arround the carpark we

decided, to find another beach. While following the signs to

Widemouth Bay we reached a carpark with a beautiful view on the sea.




the beach of Widemouth Bay

It looks not really sunny on these pictures, but it was quite hot.

So we enjoyed the cooling water of the ocean.





As you can see, also people from California know, where the best

beaches are! :-))))

After this refreshing bath in the sea we went back to the cottage, to change

our clothes, before we went one time more to the beautiful harbour of Boscastle.







After going home it began a little bit to rain (just a little bit and: the first time).

Another beuatiful day in Cornwall went into its end.

Thursday, 20th of July

This day we should visit well known places like Newquay and Padstow.

First of all, when we got to Newquay, we bought more stuffs in the

well known "Lidl"-market. After having lunch at Mc Donals's, which

is next door to the Lidl-market, we went to the beach, which is a paradise

for surfing people.












So as I told we went from the buisy towm Newquay to the cosy

harbour of Padstow.

No holidays in Cornwall without a visit of the beautiful

harbour of Padstow...









On many places in Cornwall you can see very old cars in good condition. Also in Padstow.



Like every time at this cosy place we got a lot of nice impressions.

After passing places like Watergate Bay, Porthcothan Bay and

St Merryn (including "Chapel Kerketh", where I've been in 1979),

we arrived at our cottage and we finished another wonderful day.

Friday, 21th of July

Actually we wanted to go to the beach this day, but the sky wasn't

really cloudless. So first we used the gamesroom, which is in the

building next door to the cottage.



After that we decided, to have a walk up the "hill" to the

coastguard lookout at the harbour of Boscastle. 





arriving the coast guard lookout








After we enjoyed the view from the lookout, we went back down

to the village.



passing the harbour


let's have a break


the last witnessn of the terrible flood in 2004


arriving the village


refreshing in one of the cafes in Boscastle



"our" shop / Cornish clotted cream...mmhhhh...




the view back out of Boscastle


hotels and restaurants


"our" shop, where be bought newspapers and postcards

The first week in Cornwall went to its end and we all felt very happy!

Saturday, 22th of July

After breakfast we went to another place, where I've never been before:

Bude. At first we visited the cosy road with the little shops.




the canal, which goes into the sea


the beach of Bude



harbour and beach - seems to be one and the same






the ball was "stolen" from the dog :-)







just relax ;-)



a Cornish wedding


"four Cornish icecream please"


"crazy golf"



back to the "shopping street"



We enjoyed the visit in Bude. Its much more busy then Boscastle,

but not to busy. On the way back home we bought some food in

the post office of Wainhouse Corner, before we arrived our cottage.

After lunch there is always a little bit work for the "women" ;-)


Well done. The weather was fine yet. The evening was young.

So what's about a walk arround the cottage? O.K., let's do it!





No joke: this "road" is marked on the navigation-system!!!




also this "road"!!!! (unbelievable, but true)


Beeing back to the cottage, it began a little bit to rain.

But just a little bit. Another beuatiful day found its end.

Sunday, 23th of July

After breakfast we went to Tintagel, to visit the Castle of King Arthur.

While arriving the nearest car park to the castle, we recognized, that

we were all hungry.


the carpark with view to the castle

So first of all we sat down outside in the nice "Kingfisher Restaurant", to have

a good lunch.


expecting for a good meal


expecting yet for the meal


ahhhh.... ham and eggs with chips........and........a big beefburger


chicken nuggets with chips......and......YEAH! a real BIG beefburger!


a real "Kingfisher beer"..................................................CHEERS!

have a look at another very old car in the background!

Because the weather was so great, we didn't walk after lunch to the castle.

No. We went to the beach of Crackington Haven! :-)

When we arrived the beach, it was hightide. ALL of us went into the

waves. And they were VERY big this afternoon! We had a lot of fun.

So Julia and me were not to get out of the water. :-))) After a break

on the beach I went a second time into the Atlantic Ocean.

The waves were grown up since the first time. So I had a lot of fun

again. When the started, it was very funny. The legs went into the sea

and the body went into direction of the beach. I thougt "saftey first",

and left the water. Never mind. It was a great day, which ended

as every day in our cottage."You can sleep very well after such a

bath in the sea!" :-)))

  Monday, 24th of July

Before breakfast I went with Heike to Boscastle, to buy some toast

and newspapers (After reading The Sun and The Daily Mirror the last

days, I bought this time The Times and The Independent. It should

change the mind.). ;-) We planed, to go to Plymouth, because, we

needed some more cheap food (the next Aldi Market is in Plymouth)

and we've never been at plymouth before. After that we wanted to

go to the beach again, because of the wonderful weather.

Ok, first of all to Plymouth.......

When we arrived at Plymouth we left our car in an "indoor car park".


its very practical: you have to stick the ticket to the window


just having a meal at BK and then going into the market hall


"hand in hand".....................Julia in the middle of the bags ;-)


the market hall..................................yes we did it! we bought the UK trikot :-)


let's have a break


a walk through Plymouth


Well, we shouldn't forget the reason, why we went to Plymouth:


Daddy goes shopping ;-)


a little bit different to the Aldi-markets in Germany

Now we've saw enough from the centre of Plymouth. So what's about

a walk arround the seaside?!?



While walking in the area of the harbour we discovered a

little "fun park".


So when Heike and the children enjoyed, to use the wheel,

I found a reason, which took me off of using it. ;-)

looks quite high ;-)


nice garden...


....nice places


Just have another look at the seaside of Plymouth:




"Tinside Pool" - the pool in the sea, built in 1812




a jump into the sea - No: that's not me! ;-)


cliff diving


The plan about to go to the beach this day didn't happen. We came

back from Plymouth at about 20.00 pm. That was a bit to late.

But, never mind. The next day should be also great.


relax at the cottage

Tuesday, 25th of July

I waked up on another sunny morning at about 8.00 am. I cooked the

coffee formyself (a great expirience! ;-)) After that I went with Heike

to Boscastle, to buy some newspapers. On the way back home there

were some cows infront of our car...


never mind; we are in the middle of the country

 The following breakfast was  very good (because of the very good coffee?).


the first......................the second.................


....the third...................BREAKFAST IS READY!!!!

 The morning went on  and we played a little bit billard, before we went to

Crackington Haven, to enjoy another day at the beach.


the car park at the beach


the small bridge between car park and beach

a view to the beach

have a look at the AIR TEMPERATURE!!! :-)))))


god bless. the lifeguards had been there ;-)


looking out for a good place





what a beautiful place (not the body) ;-)


keep on smiling



"We like Cornish icecream!"


It was a great day at the beach!

The weather was fine yet, and so after lunch Heike and me went out

to the cliffs of Boscastle, to experience the Cornish sunset. Of course

I took kamera and Camcorder with me. But sorry: I won't show all

the pictures here (that would be much to much!). ;-)


walking to the cliffs


looking back


except of us there were a lot of people, enjoying the sunset


relax at the end of the day


- no comment -


waiting for sunset











With these impressions we went back to the cottage

and slept very well.

Wednesday, 26th of July

As I told, we slept well. So I waked up at 9.30 am, which was quite

late for me these holidays. We had a cosy morning at the cottage.

We decided, to go to Port Isaac, which we knew just from the map.

On the way to Port Issac we stopped in Marshgate, to buy some

stamps for our postcards. While expecting a nice lunch in

Port Issac, the car made trouble about 2 miles, before we

arrived at this nice fishing village. Something was wrong with

the cooling system. So when we came to Port Issac, I stopped

the car immediatley, and went to the next garage by foot.

Andrew from the Trelawney Garage was very helpful. He looked

for coolant, but he couldn't find any. So he ordered coolant by

phone and told me, it should be there at untill 4.00 pm. Now

it was 2.00 pm. The problem was, that I recognized, that I lost

all our money including the mastercard in the post office of

Marshgate. Well done. Let's have a walk through Port Isaac

with empty tummies.





After having a look down to the sea, we walked to the harbour.


while walking to the harbour,...........


.....we had to use narrow lanes.


a view down to the harbour


narrow lanes....



After a long way down the "roads" we reached the harbour.




Now it was time to go back to the garage. The whole way up

the "roads".....puhhhh


let's have a break ;-)

So at 4.00 pm we arrived at the garage and Andrew gave me

the coolant. I promissed him, that I would go to Marshgate, to

fetch our money and would come back, to pay for the coolant.

We walked up the road with the coolant in my hands and

reached our car.


filling up

We felt very good at this moment and went into tha car, to go to

Marshgate. After about three miles I had the same problems as

two hours ago. The warning lamps showed me, that there's

something wrong with the cooling system. Also smoke came out

of the car in the front. I stopped another time immediatley.

S H I T    H A P P E N S !!!!


So, what's to do now??? Because the car is under warrenty, I

called the VW-hotline via mobilephone. They said, they would

call theire English colleagues and they would give me more

informations in about half or one hour. Ok, it was 4.45 pm.


We all were.....


....very amuzed.

At about 6.15 pm I called them again, because I didn't hear

anything from the English VW-service. So they promissed me,

to call them again. (Now I try to tell the story in a short way)

Suddenly a foreign car stopped and its owner asked, wether

he could help. I told him, that the service is on the way, but

nevertheless he looked, wether he could find the mistake.

The kind young Cornish man left us, after he was not finding

the mistake. Meanwhile I spoke with the service, which should

pick our car up. They didn't find us. So I told them, I will stay

on the mainroad. O.k. Some time later a kind German family

stopped, because they saw us a couple hours ago at the same

place, and thougt, there's something wrong. When they heard,

that we had just breakfast at morning and that we had

nothing to drink in the car, they went to the next shop by car,

to bring us food and drinks. Also cigarettes! The time passed

and the kind young Cornish man, who stopped a couple of

hours ago, came arround a second time and stopped again.

Although the disaster it was a warm atmosphere now.

We were not alone. We were very thankful, that these people

stayed with us while waiting for the service. I think, we got this

night new friends. That were the family from Frankfurt - Reinold,

Ulrike and Nele - and the kind young Cornish man -Nigel-.

(I promissed, to tell the story in a short way):

At about 11.30 pm Reinold and his family brought my family

back to the cottage (it was the direction in opposite to theire cottage

and about 20 miles from where we stood!), while Nigel stood

with me further on to wait for the service. At 1.00 am we

decided, it makes no sense, to wait longer. So he gave me a

lift to our cottage, while leaving the car, where it was.

Getting back to the cottage, I had just one wish: to sleep!

Thursday, 27th of July

I woke up in the morning and thouhgt about two things:

- How will I come to Marshgate, to get back our money -

- What shall I do, to get reapair our car -

After a cup of coffee, I called the owner of the cottage, Mrs Elson,

and asked her, wether she could give us a lift to Marshgate and

Port Issac. Mrs Elson didn't let me wait for an answer and said

"Yes, I will do." I was very thankful about that and I have to say,

she's a very good driver! So first of all we went to Marshgate and

got back our money in the post office. Then we went to Port Isaac

to the Trelawney Garage. Andrew and his brother Tom towed

off our car and looked after, what's wrong. It took a few minutes

and they found the mistake: a leck in the cooling hose!

Because the car is under warrenty, they called the next VW station,

which is in St. Austell (about 40 miles away). They send a man

from the AA-service, who shoud come at about 3.00 pm. Now it

was about 11.30 am. So Heike took a taxi, to get back to the cottage,

while I waited for the man from the AA-service. When he arrived

at the garage, it took just a few minutes, till he repaired the car.

He was as kind as all the people, we got to know, while having

the problems with the car. So I was back to the cottage at 3.00 pm.

A n d    I    W a s    v e r y    h a p p y !!!!!

On late afternoon we went to Boscastle to have a nice meal

in our favourit outside pub.



looks like happy again ;-)

In the evening we invited the kind foreign people, who helped us

the night before, to thank them. We were very happy, that all of

them came. It was a great night with much fun.


nice people....


...in a nice country!

Ulrike and Reinhold from Frankfurt


Nigel (also called Crokodile Dundee) from Crackington and his girl-friend

say "cheeeeeese..." ;-)


Nigel's pick-up with GSXR EXHAUST! (that's really true and you can hear it far away!!!)  :-)))))

"bye bye!"


Our children like Nele, the daughter from Reinhold and Ulrike


"bye bye!"

A great night found its end. I hope, that we will see all of them again

in this life! I know many people, but just a few, who help, without

to ask, which profit they have, when they do it. THANK YOU!!!

Friday, 28 of July

Our last whole day in Cornwall started. So we decided, to have a last

lunch in the nice "Kingfisher Restaurant" in Tintagel.

a last view over the car park from Tintagel

After having a good meal, we went to Boscastle for a last walk

to the harbour, which we learned to love in the last two weeks.


the car park of Boscastle   /    the last walk to the harbour


the narrow lanes in the near of the harbour


Cornish goodies   /   the harbour

From the harbour we walked back into the village, to have

a last drink in a cafe outside.





After coming back to the cottage, it was time, to pack our suitcases.

So we enjoyed our last night, although we were a little bit sad

while thinking about leaving this wonderful place next morning.


the last Cornish sunset and the last beer ;-)




time to say GOOD NIGHT.

Saturday, 29th of July

The holidays are all over now. Are they? NO! We had another destination,

before we went home. We looked forward, to see Chris in London! ;-)


the luggage is in the car   /    the last beakfast in Cornwall

time to say: BYE BYE!!!

WE left the cottage at about 9.30 am and had a break near Bristol,

to eat and drink a little bit.




We had a quite good journey (except of a jam in the area

of Weston Super Mare), and so we arrived at London earlier,

than I thought. The day before I told Chris, we would come

at about 4.00 pm. Ok, now it was 3.00 pm. ;-)

Its always a special moment, when we see Chris again!

Chris and me know each other since 1978. We didn't see us

really often in these last 28 years. Nevertheless I feel to him

like a brother. And I'm very glad, that my wife and my children

feel similar.

This time he had a surprise for us: her's name is Lynne.

She's a very kind and nice person like Chris. So I hope and think,

that they both will have a very good future!

Also it was very nice, to see Liam again, who I got to know,

when he was a little boy. Now he is a smart young man.

If he would be my son, I would be proud of him.

At last there is Crosby, Chris' dog. He is so lovely and also

he is a great entertainer.....



Also we got to know Chris' neighbours and some friends, who he

invited for the barbeceaue. They are all lovely! So we had a very

nice time that night.





Lynne and Chris



Crosby again... ;-)

father & son




we wear it also at home ;-)


nice talks






the palms in Chris' garden :-)





"Where is the fox, Crosby?"






A great party ended. "Good night,"

Sunday, 30th of July

After the fantastic night followed even a great morning. While we

enjoyed the sun in the garden, Chris and Lynne made a wonderful

breakfast in the kitchen.


"Good morning, Crosby." ;-)



- relax -



first coffee, first cigarette


Actually we wanted to have breakfast in the sunny garden. But the

wasps, which annoied us the night before already, persuaded us,

to eat in the kitchen. ;-)


"Cheers!" :-)

The time passed by. So we had to say "bye bye" while looking back

at a great weekend.

bye Crosby



We were very pleased, to see one of the kind neighbours again, before taking off. :-)


It's hard, to say,....

 ....."Bye Bye!"

At about 12.00 pm we left Chris and Lynne, while beeing happy

to know, that we'll see them in October again in Marl. :-)))

We took the south-route of London on our way to Dover.


the south-route

At about 3.00 pm we arrived at Dover. So we've had time enough, to

have a little snack at the station next door to the harbour.


After that we went into our lane in the harbour and waited for

the ferry.


waiting in the lane


Just at this moment, while writing this text, I recognize, that the time on the right picture is wrong. Funny...?!

That should be right: "THE P&O FERRIES 16:35 SAILING TO CALAIS"

At about 4.00 pm we went on the ferry.






At about 4.30 pm the ferry left the harbour.


looking back at the best two weeks this year



the great view to.....


....the cliffs of Dover

on sea


the coast.....


....of Calais

coming in the harbour of Calais

At about 6.00 pm we arrived at Calais. Time to change the time

of the watches. Now its 5.00 pm.

Now it took another 6 1/2 hours,  before we got home at about 11.30 pm.


Now, after these wonderful two weeks, I want to say thank you

to a lot of people. (I hope, I won't forget anybody!)

Thanks to:

- LOCKE, who borrowed me his memory card -

- Mr and Mrs ELSON for the warm welcome and theire help -

- REINHOLD, ULRIKE, NELE and NIGEL for keeping us

high in a dark night -

- ANDREW and TOM from the Trelawney Garage in Port Issac -

- CHRIS and LYNNE for the great weekend in London -


- the NEIGHBOURS and FRIENDS of Chris for a nice night -


- ALL OTHER KIND PEOPLE, who we got to know in our holidays -


We look forward, to see Chris and Lynne in October!!!!

(c) Burkator 2006