Cornwall 1979

Well, it's a little bit difficult, to make a holliday-report 28 years

after when it happened. But that time was so great, that I thought,

I should try it. ;-)

One year before I went with my parents the first time to UK,

to see the family, where my mum stood as an au-pair-girl in

1959. So now, when I write this little report, my father was about

in that age, as I am now in 2007. That's unbielivable..... but true.

So I enjoyed my first trip to Cornwall as a 15 years old boy...


Our destination was "Chapel Kerketh" in "St. Merryn".

It was in deed a chapel in the earlier times. But now that

old chapel was a peaceful cottage owned by a young family.

(I'm sure, that I will also this year (in 2007), like all the years

before, pass the road around that cottage, to smell the air of

the nice old time of 1979!)


As I told before, it's difficult, to make a report of an

expirience, which is 28 years ago. So I'll let speak the

Pictures  for it.....


It's a shame, that the following three pictures are the only,

we made arround that beautiful cottage:

That's me at Nigel's Mini, which had just a wooden chair for the passanger. ;-)

Chris in his father's Ford Cortina leaving the cottage

Chris, Lynne, the owners with theire child, my mum and my dad

Like today, also in 1979, a visit of Newquay,

one of the main towns of Cornwall, belonged

to every hollidays in that area....

I'm not really sure, where the following

pictures were made. But I think, it should

be at "Treyarnon Bay":

Always fascinating are the narrow roads

of Cornwall.....

A day on the racetrack...

"Gentleman, start Your engines!" :-))

I can't remember, who won this race.

Well, it's equal, because we all had a lot

of fun! :-)))


Another well known destination in Cornwall

is the mystic place "Land's End". Today it's

different to 1979, because in 1979 You didn't

see any German car in Cornwall, except of

Land's End, where all tourists came together.

Now there are a lot of German people,

who now, that it's NOT all time raining in UK,

and that You can meet a lot of kind people there!


little Burkator, Chris and mum

bye bye Land's End

Sorry, I'm not sure, but the follwing pictures

should be from Padstow, the cosy

fishing-village at the west-coast:

That's one of the well known places in Padstow: The SEAFOOD Restaurant

narrow raods.... Padstow

The harbour of Padstow:

I Think, the next two pictures should be

from the car park of "Farmer's Arms" in

St. Merryn?!:

Anywhere in Cornwall in 1979:

That should be at

"Constantine Bay":

However. We had all day a lot of fun

and a lot of meal. ;-)........

The man between my dad and Colleen was an entertainer

"Be a good boy, George!" ;-))

Derek & Colleen

Like every year, also in 1979, it was time... say "Good Bye".

waiting for the ferry in Dover


Like in the "new times" I have to thank

a lot of people for that nice days in 1979.

Of course first of all I'm very thankful

to my parents. I'm glad, that my mum

spent one year with that lovely family,

what made this friendship able.

I'm a bit sad, that my dad, who is very

ill, won't can read this little report.

He took us safe from home to Cornwall

and all the way back home. Thank's dad!

And of course I'm very thankful to

the whole members of our British friends!

At last I have to say, that I remember with

a great respect to the great gentleman

"Derek", who died in 2006. He was one

of the best people, I ever met in my life.